Principles that define us :



First and foremost, you need your home taken care of. We will make  sure you’re comfortable and we will put in the time and energy  necessary to exceed your expectations.



Often, you’ll be leaving your home unprotected when we come by. The  hallmark of an expert Home Concierge Service employee is the  commitment to professional, trustworthy conduct. It is our responsibility  to have a deep level of trust with you.



We care for your home as if it were our own. We treat every client like  family, with respect and a passion to help in any way we can.



There will be times when you or your renters need something last  minute. We are loyal and won’t think twice about this. We are there to  help in any way we can.

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Lakeside Manor: Private Beach  
11 Acre Estate

Sleeps: 12

Hidden Lake Michigan Luxury
22 Acre Estate

Sleeps: 24

The Main Stay: Grand Beach/ Private Pool

Sleeps: 21

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Monday –Friday: 8am-5pm

Saturday: 9am-3pm

Sunday: 9am-3pm

Subject to change contact our team for more details. We are available 24/7 but are more responsive during these times.

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